The following images briefly represent my work over the past sixteen years. Although I do some work in oils on canvas, I often mix a number of different additive materials to base acrylic mediums. Since 1985, I have used several kinds of water based mixtures that result in unique color and texture variations, which especially occur during the drying process. In the last few years, I have been using iridescent paints on canvas boards. Since I view the content of a painting in terms of the whole, which means that the medium characteristics are just as important as the subject matter, the physical dynamics of the medium should, in some way, reflect the subject matter I am dealing with. This is why I usually make my own paints, or drastically modify existing ones.

My most recent work has been an attempt to explore the spirit and its relationship to the temporal body. The events of September 11, 2001 effected me very strongly. In fact, after an entire day of watching the horrific images on television, I went home from where I had been since early that morning, and did a painting of the second planes impact upon the tower. I simply needed to put down what I was feeling, and try to go beyond merely crying. My paintings since that day have reflected my struggle to put as much meaning to my life as possible. I do not know the day I will die, or what that transition will be like once death comes. But it is the finality of our existence here on earth, and yet I see it also as a transition to a different kind of existence within God. In order to somehow better understand this belief, I am working with the subject in my art.