My recent work in film has been in both product photography and fine art photography. I have been freelancing as a product photographer since 1991, and I do all the photos of my artwork, including all product photography for Advanced Light Weaponry.

Much of my photo artwork of recent years has been 35mm modified in the computer. I have found great freedom using the computer as a tool for creating photographic images, and enjoy working with a photograph in a similar way as I would a painting.

In 1995, I had the wonderful opportunity of working with a good friend, creating virtual reality spaces, used in the CAVE 3D interfacing system. We created some amazing VR spaces, and in the CAVE, one sees the CG in real 3D space. With the projection system, objects that were only light, seemed to be as real as physical objects. I helped to design the spaces with my friend, and did most of the artwork used for the objects skins. This was my first real exposure no pun intended to using the computer as a photographic modifier, and as a way of creating light paintings. Since then, I have used my photo skills in making artwork for website graphics as well. Some of the photos for website development are included in this section.