I am a writer who almost never uses outlines. Usually the story pops into my head as a fragmented concept or from character studies that Ive been thinking about for a long time. And when the time seems right, I let it come out onto the page.

Although writing a screenplay is very different from writing a book, in many ways there are similarities for me in terms of process. I am a very visual person, and that is the spring board for most all of my work. When I write a screenplay that I intend to produce myself, I write a very detailed description of camera angles, frame composition and other visual descriptions not usually included in script formats. This is beneficial to me, because it leaves me a good foundation to shoot from.

When writing stories I write in a similar way, however since the medium is one concerned with description, rather than the abridged content, I can get easily lost within the world I am creating. The fun part of working without an outline, is that I get to experience the first draft as if I am being told the story by the characters themselves.

Being a Lay-Minister, I am regularly involved in the study and teaching of scripture and church history. Several subjects are of great interest to me, and I am slowly working out the dynamics for a book regarding the nature of Gods relationship to His Son, as written in scripture, rather than in traditional church teaching.

Currently, I am finishing up my first draft of a fantasy novel, which I hope to get published by the end of this year.

For those of you who will read the stories contained in this gallery, be advised that I try for realism in my characters. There is some adult language used.